Cued-Up - Professional Telepromter Services

Looking to hire a professional prompting service for your next shoot, presentation or awards ceremony?

"Our aim - to make your presentation as easy and stress free as possible"

"Cued Up" - for those presentations when you need to get your message across, right first time. Auto Cue systems like ours are utilised world-wide by event organisers and leaders of business and industry to make sure they get their message across.

Technological advances with the audio / visual aspect of presentations has improved quickly over the past few years, unfortunately you the presenter are still left to fight your way through printed pages of script, scribbled notes and changes. Well, imagine being able to read your presentation without losing eye contact with your audience. (Perfect where image mag is being used)

• For you, the presenter, it means less preparation time You do not need to learn your speech word for word. Its all there in front of you.

We have been providing professional Auto cue services for over 30 years to New Zealand businesses and overseas presenters, using the most trusted software in the industry.


Executive Speech Prompter

The "Executive Speech Prompter" has proved itself time and time again to be an easy and effective way to improve the quality of any presentation.

This system is used every day in a wide variety of situations by leading business and political figures. If you have a message to get across for a sales conference, product launch, road show, annual meeting, presentation to business partners, staff, associates, shareholders, industry peers and you want to present your message fluently and right first time then you should be looking to the easy solution to public speaking with Cued Up, and the Executive Speech Prompter.

On Camera System

"On-camera" prompter for those camera shoots that require the talent to get it right first time and concentrate on delivery - not trying to remember what to say. Save time and money on your shoots, and concentrate on what matters .... presentation.

We are able to provide all services throughout New Zealand and the greater Pacific .

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